212 is a mindset. 212 is a training tool. And if Sam Parker has his way, 212 will become a revolution. Parker, co-founder of the online sales resource, focuses on simple effort as an essential fundamental for success in his new book, 212: The Extra Degree.

Raise the temperature of water by just one degree and you suddenly have enough force to power a machine. What a wonderfully simple metaphor for the rewards to be had when one goes the extra mile.

Not convinced? Consider this: from 1980-2004, the average margin of victory among professional golf’s four annual majors was less than three strokes. More impressively, the winner pocketed an average of 76% more in prize dollars than the second-place finisher.

Turning thought into action

212 features simple ideas for implementing an “extra mile” mindset — ways to take action today as a friend, a parent, and a businessperson:

  • Connect with one extra friend each week
  • Add an extra 15 minutes every day to the time you spend with your children
  • Open doors to business growth by having an encouraging talk with a member of your staff or a friendly chat with a customer

Finally, commit to pausing and reflecting on something important that you may read or hear during the course of your day.

Taking part in the revolution

Parker views 212 as a simple way to capture the attention of your staff and inspire them to new levels of effort. When the “extra degree” message connects with even a handful of people in your shop, he says, it can have a tremendous and systemic impact on results.

Ready to turn up the heat? Find out what a difference a single degree can make.

Lisa Fahoury is chief creative officer at Fahoury Ink, a business communications firm that helps companies create marketing messages with maximum impact.