Though body shops can’t buy a Car-o-liner welder or BenchRack online just yet, you can get nearly everything else you need through the new Metropolitan Car-o-liner and Welding Solutions online parts store.

The just-launched ecommerce site delivers the ultimate in customer shopping convenience for replacement parts. Log onto for easy access to frequently ordered parts, accessories and welding electrodes for most of the products distributed by Metropolitan Car-o-liner.

“We’ve tried to put all the information you need to order the right part at your fingertips,” says Dave Demarest, Jr. “There’s nothing more frustrating than having to hunt for a part number or ordering the wrong part by mistake.”

By clicking on the “parts illustration” feature on the store’s home page, users can access a downloadable component list with clearly detailed illustrations for ProSpot and Car-o-liner welder models. Says Dave, Jr., “These ‘blow-out’ diagrams make it easy to find exactly the item you need, even without a name or part number.”

The site also includes the most commonly requested spare parts for Car-o-liner frame equipment, from hardware kits and clamps to brackets and gaskets. Once customers register, they’ll receive full access to pricing and ordering information. Prior customers will also be able to view their previous order history or create a wish list, making the process of re-ordering frequently used items even faster.

The latest encrypted server technology is designed to protect your financial and personal information when orders are placed. Delivery is next day to most locations in the Metropolitan Car-o-liner territory.

For more information on the online store, browse Have questions on equipment, service or training? Call Metropolitan Car-o-liner toll-free at 800-526-0318.


Detailed parts illustrations make it easy to find just the right part, no matter how small.
The store’s home page lets you search by product category or parts illustration.
Browsing by category makes it easy to find just the right part, no matter how small.