A Clean Shop Begins With Dust Containment.

Today, most OEM certification programs require safe dust extraction of aluminum, carbon fiber, and other materials.

Dust containment results in a clean business that is safe for your customers and employees. It reduces labor time, and increases efficiency, and therefore increases profitability.

Dusts of all types are one of the most problematic enemies of a collision repair shop. As dust travels throughout the building, it can create corrosion, contamination, potential fire hazards and costly reworks.

Built to military and commercial aerospace specifications Car-O-Liner CleanPrep Vacuum Systems safely extract dust from your shop.

The CleanPrep Wet Mix Immersion Separator and Dry Pneumatic Portable HEPA vacuums are designed specifically for the capture of combustible, corrosive, and toxic dust, such as aluminum, carbon fiber, magnesium, titanium, and hexavalent chromium coatings, capturing 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns and larger.

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