Car-O-Tronic Vision2® X3

The Measuring System made for the Future

Experience Car-O-Tronic Vision® – the fastest, most accurate and easiest to use computerized measuring system on the market today! It guides the entire repair process and performs automatic centering, measuring and documentation. It is photobased, integrated with the world’s largest vehicle database and fully compatible with any alignment system.

We design the future of collision repair systems!

etikettx3Vision2 X3 – A Revolution in Computerized Measuring

The future of computerized measuring has arrived! The newly released Car-O-Tronic Vision X3 retains the ease of use that made Vision the world’s leading measuring system, while adding significant new capabilities to maximize your shop’s productivity:

Worldwide VIN decoding system integrates seamlessly with the world’s largest vehicle dimension database.
Suspension check diagnosis to find bent suspension parts before it’s close to delivery time.
Upper body measuring on ALL vehicles including full frames, light trucks and SUVs with point-to-point measurements.
Multimedia support for Car-O-Liner’s new modular anchoring, side support and universal parts holding system.

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