MAHWAH, NJ—Metropolitan Car-o-liner, the first and a top-selling distributor of Car-O-Liner equipment in North America, has launched a new streamlined website featuring a clean and vivid modern design that greatly improves navigation and the overall user experience.

For more than forty years, Metropolitan Car-o-liner has supplied the automotive after-market with innovative solutions, technical development, training, and customer support. The new website, and sharply designed logo, brings the brand together and is more representative of the company’s market position.

“As the leading global provider of high-quality, technologically-advanced collision repair equipment to the automotive aftermarket, Car-o-liner has a responsibility to our customers to keep our e-commerce website as easy to use as possible” states Dave Demarest Jr., President of Metropolitan Car-o-liner. “Today, customers will find the website content better organized, easier to navigate and displayed properly on any device they are using.”

The repair needs of the auto body shop are continuously and rapidly changing which is why Car-o-liner offers a wide variety of flexible solutions for repairs that range from minor to structural. “Everyone at Car-o-liner takes pride in our customer service. This new website not only enhances our e-commerce but builds on our reputation for great service as well” says Demarest.

Car-o-liner products include Frame Equipment, Measuring Systems, Holding/Fixturing, Joining Systems, Workshop Solutions and Aluminum Repair Solutions. Training is available for all products so every shop team member can use Car-o-liner equipment effectively and efficiently from day one.

Mike, thank you for your hard work and loyalty.
Congratulations on your 25 year anniversary with Metropolitan Car-o-liner, Inc.

Mike is a Field Sales Representative in Connecticut and New York State. He started in the body shop industry in 1978 as an apprentice, moved forward to become a collision repair “A tech”. After success as a restoration shop owner and a car dealership body shop manager, Mike joined Metropolitan Car-o-liner in 1997. Since then, Mike’s duties of field sales customer support, equipment layouts and designs, industry resources and industry training has been Mike’s daily responsibilities in New York state (except Long Island and 3 NYC boroughs) and Connecticut.

Car-O-Liner has received another prestigious approval from Volkswagen AG — for the unique CTR® 9 Fully-automatic Resistance Spot Welder, the VAS 6755A.

«Volkswagen recognizes that the high performance VAS6755A welder meets their requirements for high-quality repairs of their modern, technologically advanced vehicles» says Jonny Jangdin, product manager at Car-O-Liner.

What’s so special about the VAS 6755A?

In order to achieve this approval, the Car-O-Liner CTR® 9 welder went through a series of dedicated welding tests performed by an independent third party welding institute to ensure the welder met the high quality welding requirements set by Volkswagen. On top of that it was determined that for Volkswagen the VAS 6755A fully automatic resistance spot welder is delivered with the special Volkswagen16A welding cap, Volkswagen-specific software and the new Shelf and Clip Kit and Dust Cover — all as standard equipment.

Technology for greater working range

The Telescopic Support Arm is designed to ensure maximum freedom of movement (from 1.9 to 2.4 m). Made of robust yet lightweight extruded aluminum, it is easy to adjust both vertically and horizontally for an optimum working position. The arm supports the revolutionized Lightweight Transformer C-Yoke. The C-yoke’s 355° Double Rotating Handle with Ergo-grip enables perfect working positions for any technician. Made of reinforced fiberglass, the transformer c-yoke is designed for fast-paced activity. Robust, yet among the lightest on the market, technicians are able to work efficiently with minimal body strain. Intuitive and easy to use the Exclusive Control Panel with 7» color display, equipped with VW-approved software, automatically establishes required settings to ensure the proper weld nugget, giving fast paced accuracy with every welding spot.
Providing welding currents up to 16,000 A, the VAS 6755A’s Robust and Compact Power Unit, with its solid, high strength steel bottom plate, features a low center of gravity for superior stability and increased mobility. Using CANBUS communication VAS6755A instantly measures the metal panels and calculates the exact amount of time, current and clamping force needed for a perfect, Volkswagen approved, quality weld.
The Shelf and Clip Kit adds versatility to the welder. The 3 shelves provide a great space to place consumables and equipment. Two shelves swing from side to side giving ease of access and are height adjustable to achieve optimal working conditions. Four clips keep the hose in place, out of the way increasing technician safety, a high priority at Volkswagen.

Easy to use — ready to perform

The VAS 6755A automatically establishes required settings ensuring the proper weld nugget while the advanced quality control system monitors and adjusts the welder to guarantee the total energy input. By using the USB port the welder can easily be upgraded to any new VW/welding standards. An optional accessory is the WeldLogger™ software which allows technicians to create work orders and save them in log files that can be printed/e-mailed if needed.

For more info about our partnership with Volkswagen AG please see:

Car-O-Liner is happy to present new Releases of Vision2™ X1/X2/X3 and Vision2™ PointX!
The new versions of the Vision2™ software contain new features and improvement to help you speed up your measuring process.

NEW BLUETOOTH PAIRING — The pairing of Car-O-Tronic® or PointX® moves from Windows into the Vision2™ software. This will give better support and easier handling. Pairing a Car-O-Tronic® or a PointX® with a 64-bit or 32-bit Bluetooth will now be very similar. No extra drivers need to be installed.
When entering the measuring mode you will be asked to search for your Car-O-Tronic® or your PointX®. When the search screen pops up choose Car-O-Tronic® or PointX® and press OK. The pairing will take place and you will be able to use the device.

NO MEASURING TUBE WARNING — A warning will pop up if no tubes are inserted into the Car-O-Tronic® measuring slide.
(Vision2™ X1/X2/X3)

MORE MEASURING POINTS AVAILABLE — DataSheets can now contain an increased number of measuring points to give you more measuring possibilities. A DataSheet can have up to three pages of measuring points.
(Vision2™ X1/X2/X3)

EMPTY DATASHEET SUPPORT in Vision2™ PointX® —Absolut measuring is now available in Vision2™ PointX® for vehicles for which there are no DataSheets. The empty DataSheet is found last in the list of makes under the Car-O-Liner logo. You can also use the search function and look for DataSheet 123:001. Only the Absolute measuring mode is available when choosing the empty DataSheet.

FREE UPDATES — The two new releases are free of charge for existing Vision2™ X1/X2/X3 or Vision2™ PointX® customers. The updates are released and available through the Update Software function in Vision2™ or as separate downloads from VisionWeb.

Contact your sales representative for more information today!

Car-O-Liner® announces that Mercedes-Benz® USA (MBUSA) has approved Car-O-Liner® structural repair equipment and tools for use in Mercedes Certified Collision Centers. The recommended products include the BenchRack™ 5500, 6300, EVO™Fixturing and Vision™ X3 measuring. View the products

“Our entire team is excited to be a part of the MBUSA Certified Collision Center Program.” Proper OEM certified repair solutions are of paramount importance to the company. The team is proud to provide equipment with the distinct capabilities of repairing Mercedes-Benz passenger cars and vans.”
Tim Garner, market development manager for Car-O-Liner

The Car-O-Liner BenchRack combines drive-on convenience with a hydraulic lift and removable ramps. With notable versatility, collision repair shops can use it for any unibody or full frame vehicle, from small cars to light trucks, vans, and SUVs. Car-O-Tronic Vision2 electronic measuring system for upper and lower body works seamlessly with EVO Systems for anchoring and fixturing. The Sprinter® segment of vehicles requires the use of BenchRack 6300, B731 Extension Kit, and Sprinter® adapters.
Car-O-Liner’s commitment to safety, quality, and productivity in the engineering of collision repair solutions make this brand the ideal match for MBUSA.

“We are pleased Car-O-Liner joined the MBUSA Certified Collision Program earning our business by delivering engineered solutions that match with our current and future line-up.”
Benito Cid, collision program manager for Mercedes-Benz® USA.

The CMI™ 300 welders listed below are approved for aluminum and steel welding during structural repairs on GM vehicles.
CMI™300 Pulse Singlevarious voltage versions available
CMI™300 Pulse Duo, various voltage versions available
CMI™300 Pulse Triovarious voltage versions available

The Duo version has room for two 15 kg wire coils and the Trio version for three 5 kg wire coils, providing easy switch-over between operations without change of hose, wire, wire drive rolls and gas. The machine will automatically establish which torch/wire feed unit is active.

ABOUT THE CMI 300 Pulse welders:

• DOUBLE PULSE ensures precise control of the arc and minimises weld spatter

• FOUR-ROLL WIRE SYSTEM for stable wire feeding

• TACHO CONTROL OF WIRE MOTOR for ultra precise feeding

• LED LIGHT IN THE WIRE CONSOLE for easy change of wire and wire rolls in low light environment

• SOFT-KEY CONTROL PANEL with colour display and intuitive icon-based menu

• ARC ADJUST FUNCTION for precision adjustment between soft and hard arc


• LOG FOR STORAGE AND DISPLAY OF WELDING DATA on an SD card, applicable for documentation of compliance with repair procedures

Other welders approved by GM include:
CTR®9 Resistance Spot Welder
CTR®12000 Resistance Spot Welder

The welders join other Car-O-Liner products approved by GM:
Alignment: BenchRack™, Quick42™, EVO™
Measuring: Car-O-Tronic® Vision2 X1, X2 & X3
WorkShop Solutions

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