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PNP90 & PNP90 XT2



This universal riveting system was specifically developed for the most difficult materials such as Ultra High Strength Steels and modern dissimilar laminate materials used in the automotive, truck and bus repair industries.

The premier PNP 90 XT2 is an adjustable 10 ton pneumatic-hydraulic system for riveting and pressing out self-piercing rivets. The standard PNP 90 has a pushing (compression) force of 6 tons. Blind rivet capability is also available to run from the same system.

Features and benefits

  • Allows attachments for various OEM homologated applications: riveting, punching, pressing out, calibrating
  • Highly efficient pressure ratio of 100:1
  • PNP90 XT2 2 – a circuit hydraulic system 10-ton push, 8-ton pull (PNP90 6-ton pull)
  • The dial on the PNP 90 XT2  provides variable adjustment of the working pressure so the output force can be controlled to the desired level
  • Precise control over strength of impact
  • Color coding & labeling of the rivet inserts makes it quick and easy to switch punches
  • Sturdy construction with low maintenance & long lifetime
  • Upgradeable from PNP90 to PNP90 XT2 with upgrade kit
  • On-site training and local support are available

PNP90 & PNP90 XT2