GM approves the CMI™300 Pulse Welders

The CMI™ 300 welders listed below are approved for aluminum and steel welding during structural repairs on GM vehicles.
CMI™300 Pulse Singlevarious voltage versions available
CMI™300 Pulse Duo, various voltage versions available
CMI™300 Pulse Triovarious voltage versions available

The Duo version has room for two 15 kg wire coils and the Trio version for three 5 kg wire coils, providing easy switch-over between operations without change of hose, wire, wire drive rolls and gas. The machine will automatically establish which torch/wire feed unit is active.

ABOUT THE CMI 300 Pulse welders:

• DOUBLE PULSE ensures precise control of the arc and minimises weld spatter

• FOUR-ROLL WIRE SYSTEM for stable wire feeding

• TACHO CONTROL OF WIRE MOTOR for ultra precise feeding

• LED LIGHT IN THE WIRE CONSOLE for easy change of wire and wire rolls in low light environment

• SOFT-KEY CONTROL PANEL with colour display and intuitive icon-based menu

• ARC ADJUST FUNCTION for precision adjustment between soft and hard arc


• LOG FOR STORAGE AND DISPLAY OF WELDING DATA on an SD card, applicable for documentation of compliance with repair procedures

Other welders approved by GM include:
CTR®9 Resistance Spot Welder
CTR®12000 Resistance Spot Welder

The welders join other Car-O-Liner products approved by GM:
Alignment: BenchRack™, Quick42™, EVO™
Measuring: Car-O-Tronic® Vision2 X1, X2 & X3
WorkShop Solutions

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